Project Roadmap

This is a living roadmap, nothing is set in stone! Last updated March 11 2023.

You can also read the Shire Scroll for more detailed information.

Orcs vs Elves

Phase 1

Lord of the Coins Genesis Collection NFTs

Series 1 & 2 Pre-Sale & Release

Our inaugural mint is over! Our Series 1 Angsty Orcs and Series 2 Electric Elves can be found in the aftermarket on, we’re verified!

Lord of the Coins Series 1 & 2 holders will be granted special White List access on future mints and special perks at the Shire to be announced!

Phase 2

Build Prep

We will work on upgrading features for our website, continue to build our community, explore governance models, and begin collaborating with experts as we finalize initial plans.

  • Website improvements
  • Finish animated series pilot script
  • Legal due diligence
  • Setup business in Costa Rica
  • Find + Buy land
  • Meet with architect collaborators
  • Source recycled materials and other equipment
  • Find potential staff
Concept Sketch Firefly Shire

Phase 3

Breaking Ground

As we break ground we’ll work on improving road access up our mountain, map out the property and work on getting our communal structure setup with a kitchen, bathrooms, and campground areas. 

Sign up to volunteer at the Shire!  Volunteers earn extra NFT rewards, $ADA, and other perks.


  • Shire placemaking + design plans (in progress)
  • Food forest planning (in progress)
  • Series 3: Lunar Coven drop (in progress)
  • Destination Marketing Materials (in progress)
  • Animated series community engagement
  • Primitive Campground
  • Glamping tents on platforms
  • Phygital Airdrops
  • Event Planning
  • Hire staff

Lord of the Coins Series 3 Release

Heretic Wizards

Our Series 3 NFT collection will release art tokens with powers that will include access to exclusive token-gated content, airdrops, and to our campground at the Firefly Shire!

Minting Now!


Phase 4

Flagship Earth-sheltered Home

Time to build our first earth-sheltered homes! We will time this to the dryest time of the year in Costa Rica. We are in the rainforest!


  • First earth-sheltered cabin
  • Greenhouse dome project
  • Booking app
  • Animated Series Pilot
  • Animated Educational Content

Phase 5

Powering Up Shire NFTs

The next upgrade to our collectibles and the Firefly Shire in Costa Rica. With things rapidly advancing, there is no telling where we can expand our reach or what technology and products we can bring to the real world together. We have some ideas! Come talk to us about it on Discord.