The Team

Meet Ashley and Lilia, the nomadic duo dreaming up Firefly Shire.

We are a couple of millennial nomads 👯‍♀️ ready to build something cool that has a positive impact on the future of human living spaces. The concept for Firefly Shire first came to us while living in Mexico after we rewatched some movies during the lockdown.

We had been talking about buying land in the US and putting a camper or converted van on it as a seasonal home base. The idea naturally morphed into building a hobbit hole. Honestly, who doesn’t just want to get away from it all after the wild ride the last 2 years have been?! We had both dreamed of building a place off-grid in the countryside where we could use permaculture to grow organic food and host visitors.

At first, we joked about it, then we considered doing it, and about a month after the initial idea… we were full-on planning and saving for it. With NFTs, we’ve been able to dream up a possible accelerated timeline where we could form a community and give back sooner. Working with the Cardano community, we are now talking about implementing new exciting technologies on-site, governance models, and how to make the eco-village self-sustaining. The time to build the future is now!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller


Concept Sketch Firefly Shire

How can we make this happen? Together, we have a unique set of experiences and skills.


Lilia grew up on the internet, building websites since she was in 6th grade! (Her first website was a Xena fansite lol) In her 20s, she was a Couchsurfing Ambassador, hosted hundreds of travelers, and surfed dozens of couches worldwide – all connected through the power of the internet. At one point, Lilia had the record for most CS events held in the world!

She loves building community and has organized everything from flash mob pillow fights to non-violent direct action protests and managed volunteer teams for different causes. One of the projects she’s most proud of happened in the days following Nepal’s devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015. Together with some friends, she helped launch a locally-led, peer-to-peer disaster relief and recovery organization that raised over $600K online. Their approach to disaster response allowed it to be one of the first organizations on the ground in the days following, organizing helicopters and delivering hundreds of tons of food and emergency supplies to affected areas.

Lilia has since held marketing and digital jobs for nonprofits, political campaigns, and several tech startups. She’s also been interested in off-grid living since 2010 when she first volunteered to WWOOF on an organic farm in Yosemite. During one of her adventures abroad, Lilia also managed a treehouse eco-resort during construction in the rainiest jungle of Thailand!

While Lilia works her magic on our sites, figuring out most of the technical side of NFT’s, and building a community…Ashley is creating the illustrations and animations for the NFTs and envisioning the design and construction of the Shire.

Ashley grew up in a family of builders, makers, and figure-it-outers. Her dad was an engineer, but woodworking and building have always been his passions, and he passed these passions onto Ashley. He taught her how to design, sketch out plans, and build.  Summers were filled with building projects, a lot of gardening, and bonfires.  In college, Ashley volunteered for Habitat for Humanity (and loved it!). She also worked for her University’s Facilities and Construction Office and then spent years working in IT and later as a teacher.

Her biggest project to date was converting a cargo van into a camper van.  She did most of the work herself: installing solar panels, a composting toilet, a convertible bed/sofa, a monitor & PS4, and a small chest freezer rigged up to stay at a fridge temperature.

Aside from being super handy, she’s also a talented artist and is the mastermind behind all of our illustrations and animations. This is also Ashley’s first time selling her artwork, having only shared and gifted her work in the past.

Ashley is studying to get her Contractors license to help make this build happen smoothly!

The Firefly Shire will be a new and exciting challenge for all of us. So come on this journey and look out for NFTs in the future that will have exclusive perks (both digitally and IRL)!

We’ll update our community as we work on building Firefly Shire!


Illustration & Animation
Creature Conjurer


Web & Content
Cyber Sorceress

Animated Series

Lord of the Coins is a collection of 10,000 completely unique fantasy creature NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain. They will be released in 3 Series, each with a set of rare creatures and coins from the Lord of the Coins animated cartoon universe.

We're launching in early 2022. You'll need an NFT  to access full uncut episodes! 


Join the Shire!

Lord of the Coins NFT collectibles will gain special access to our Shire community and to giveaways both online and in real life. 

Firefly Shire members who participate in the inaugural Series mint get first dibs on special perks once we open!

As we grow this community and our collections on the Cardano blockchain, you can grow with us! There is no telling what kind of use Lord of the Coins collectibles will have in the future! 🔮



The Firefly Shire is a hobbity eco retreat coming to the world this year. We'll be the world’s first real-life crypto-village operating on NFTs on the Cardano blockchain! Check out our first collection, Lord of the Coins!

The Shire will serve as a real-life retreat center and event space, as well as an incubator for resilient building practices, permaculture, and blockchain living space technologies. Our Shire will be eco-friendly, off-grid, and use recycled materials when possible.

In the future, we plan to make the space available for community events, festivals, weddings, workshops, and other creative retreats. 🍄

The Firefly Shire will accept bookings with $ADA, and our NFT collectibles will grant special perks once we open!


Earth-sheltered homes are built into the ground or up against a hill, and because of their design take advantage of natural insulation. They're eco-friendly and offer additional protection against fires, storms, or other extreme weather events while using less energy than traditional structures. These types of houses are pretty rad, and we've heard Hobbits like to live in them too.

In the future, we plan to explore other sustainable building methods, including algae architecture and landscape design. We hope to spark a movement for similar projects around the world built on the Cardano blockchain.


Lord of the Coins is a collection of 10,000 completely unique fantasy creature NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain. It will be released in 3 Series, each with a set of rare creatures and coins from the Lord of the Coins animated universe. Learn more about the collection here!


  • Series 1 Release:  Minting Closed!
  • Series 2 Release: Now Minting here! 
  • Series 3 Release: TBD

Make sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to keep an eye out for giveaways and NFT drops!


ONLY use a Cardano wallet such as Daedalus, YoroiNami,  AdaLite etc.

DO NOT use an exchange wallet to purchase Lord of the Coins NFT collectibles. If you use an exchange wallet like Coinbase or Binance, you will NOT receive the NFT because those wallets are not supported.


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

Because it's been our dream to create a self-sustaining eco-village where we can make a positive impact, we are rolling up our sleeves to build it in real life with Cardano! At our crypto-village, we want guests to find themselves surrounded by the beauty of nature and the magic of sustainable living.

Wanna get away from it all by chillin' at the shire? We can't wait to welcome you!


We will break ground in 2022 at our chosen location, and plan to have the first earth-sheltered home by the end of the year. We will make announcements as we build out the village, release plans, and create new collections! We want to bring the community along as we build a magical place IRL! It'll be epic to throw an opening party next year, will you be there?


eco CardanoWe chose to launch our project on the Cardano blockchain for many reasons, but a big one being that Cardano's staking process avoids the massive energy use and hardware pollution caused by mining for other cryptocurrencies. In addition, the Cardano Foundation is actively working towards sustainability and advancing nature-based solutions to combat climate change. (Check out the Cardano forest!)

There are now $ADA eco staking pools powered by renewable energy, giving back, and helping make Cardano the Green Blockchain

Also, judging from our experience so far working with the beautiful Cardano community, we'd say that's an even cooler reason to choose Cardano: for the people. 


Hello! 👋 We are a couple of nomads and fantasy fans ready to build something cool that has a positive impact on the future of human living spaces. We want to share some of our art and grow this community on the Cardano blockchain with you! Learn more about us here.