We are thrilled to announce the first Firefly Shire will be built in Costa Rica! We followed our hearts… and the fireflies.

Not only are its rainforests some of the most biodiverse, but they’re also home to over 170 species of fireflies! With extraordinary efforts made to protect its natural environment, Costa Rica is one of the top ecotourism destinations in the world. Around 99% of its energy is from renewable sources! In addition, their favorable crypto conditions will allow the Shire to safely operate and expand to other locations in the future. To this end, we registered a company on our last trip and are packing our bags (and glamping tents) to head back there next week!

We want to ensure ink dries on our paperwork before we say more, but expect more news about our Costa Rica land at CNFTcon in October! We’re planning our Series 3 NFT drop for shortly after that. In the meantime, the coming weeks will bring updates on the animated series, and you’ll meet our new team members and Shire animal frenz!

This news also means that our efforts for the Shire in Oregon are on hold, but we believe it is the better way to move this project forward. Although we had plans to build the first Shire in the Pacific Northwest, the situation in the region has become untenable for what is in our budget right now. Drying wells, wildfires, and harsher weather meant a big uphill battle for us from the start. As we speak, wildfires are flanking our original Shire land to the north, south, and east, with a giant smoke plume covering the area, making being outside a health hazard. The crypto conditions in the United States were also a significant factor in this decision, with recent actions by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) being of concern. Big Mordor energy ykwim? Let’s see how things shake out.

That being said, our hearts remain open to the Pacific Northwest! We can explore a better location there with more resources and partnerships in the future.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. Please let us know your thoughts in discord!

Updated Firefly Shire: Costa Rica Logo!